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Recommended external Resources!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Recommended external Resources!

“People who consume 2 or more cups of Wu Long Tea a day are at a 26% lower risk of heart disease” – CBS

Read full research case studies on Weight Loss Tea.

Tava Tea ResultsThis isn’t the single place where you will discover some complete advice on green tea. We’ve collected some of the finest websites list on the web here on our resources page. – Green Tea : This is considerably one of the most excellent pages on the webpage on the topic of green tea. It’s purely packed with details on all aspects of green tea. Close spotlight the health benefits, with lots of scientific studies and sited recommended sources. – Green Tea (Prostate cancer prevention: Ways to reduce your risk): Studies of men who drink green tea or take green tea extract as a supplement have found a reduced risk of prostate cancer. If you like to drink tea, consider choosing green tea. Nadine Taylor, M.S., R.D. is the queen of green tea. Her report “Green Tea: The Natural Secret to a Healthier Life” is nearly well thought-out the bible on the topic. This is her personal site and it’s packed with lots of excellent information. From weight loss to heart disease, you’ll find out all concerning what green tea can do.

Green tea – Wikipedia: Full guide on Green tea with lots of information.

American Cancer Society – Green Tea: The antioxidant cancer combating control of green tea has even caught the awareness of the American Cancer Society! Now they contribute an complete page on their website concerning green tea and cancer.

University of Maryland Medical Center: Although this webpage specializes on green tea’s cancer fighting abilities precisely a bit, it also information some additional health benefits of green tea plus some probable precautions.

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“Thank you for supplying my 1 month supply of Tava Tea. The teas was delivered very promptly and I was extremely surprised at how lovely it was packaged. On starting to use the tea daily, it tasted pleasant and I have lost a stone since using. I will definitely continue using this product and I have recommended it to my family and friends. I also found the instructions were very cleary written and easy to followed. Which was really useful.”

N Hall, London UK