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The History of Green Tea!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

The History & Origin of Green Tea!

“People who consume 2 or more cups of Wu Long Tea a day are at a 26% lower risk of heart disease” – CBS
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Tava Tea ResultsGreen tea has a history that dates back thousands of years. Though this particular type of tea is merely now becoming more recognized in the West, it has been known to the Chinese and Japanese Green Tea for centuries. This variety of tea is less a lot processed than its counterpart made from the same leaves, but regardless of this fact, it has not been a serious export from Asia until the past few years.

The new increase in popularity of this tea is mainly endorsed to the many health studies that have exposed some rather huge benefits that can go along with consuming this drink commonly. Though green tea still has a way to go to foe its black counterpart in regard to its popularity around the globe, it is definitely starting to give black tea a run for its money.

The precise time scale in which the tea’s popularity soared in China is a matter of opinion. Some tea enthusiasts assert it reached the peak at about 3,000 years ago, others say longer. One legend is that green tea’s history began about 2730 BC when the Emperor Shen Nung by chance, had some leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant fall into his pot of boiling water and his unintentional discovery is actually how tea was born. The spread of Green tea from China to Japan is also a bit unclear. The rise of this variety in Japan has been credited to the Emperor who is assumed to have given the tea as gifts to monks in the 700s AD.

Whatsoever the real date of the tea’s first discovery and use was, there is no question that this drink derived in China’s centuries ago and remains to this day a well-liked beverage.

The Green variety of tea has found itself being served and consumed in the western world for several years. However, it has merely lately become the ‘ drink with it abruptly becoming trendy to drink Green tea.

Green types of tea have also been a fasten diet in Chinese and Japanese restaurants all over North America for years. Only in the past few decades, has the green variety of tea taken priority over the European markets. The increasing popularity of this variety in the West is mainly down to the many health studies that have come to the conclusion that this form of tea can have particularly positive impacts on medical standing.

Thanks to the light processing it endured, green tea is approved to contain a high amount of antioxidants in its brewed form. These antioxidants have been proven helpful for staving off cancer, heart disease and several other ailments. Current studies out of the United Kingdom also show that the green variety of tea can assist increase insulin sensitivity and even help with weight loss, with calorie burning and fat oxidation.

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