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Green tea is good for the heart!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Green Tea is Good for Heart!

“People who consume 2 or more cups of Wu Long Tea a day are at a 26% lower risk of heart disease” – CBS
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No Diet PillsDrinking a daily cup of green tea could assist to maintain a healthy heart, current studies have shown. The ancient Chinese beverage was found to extend the main artery that runs from the shoulder to the elbow by up to 4% in 30 minutes, radically reducing the risk of a blood clot.

This is a very good sign of improved blood flow around the body, according to a report in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation. It is the first-time Green tea has yet been noted to have a short term advantageous effect on the large arteries.

Dr Nikolaos Alexopoulos and his colleagues at the 1st Cardiology department, Athens Medical School used ultrasound scanning to determine the performance of the brachial artery, which runs from the shoulder to the elbow; this pointed out blood flow around the body.
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Healthy volunteers consumed green tea, hot water or caffeine to drink on three separate occasions. The brachial artery was measured at three stages after volunteers had drunk the beverages. The researchers discovered that the artery extended by up to 4% within 30 minutes after the volunteers drank the green tea. The hot water and caffeine had little to no consequence on the artery.

Further studies have shown that Green tea reverses endothelial dysfunction in smokers due to its extremely effective anticarcinogenic effects. Drinking green tea could assist to ward off cancer, with a study showing just four cups of green tea a day reverses cell damage in heavy smokers that might lead to the development of tumours.

Green tea has been extensively consumed in China and Japan for centuries; it is different from Black tea as it is not fermented before drying. The process of fermentation can interfere with the content of flavonoids dominant antioxidants by a massive 90%. This is why Green tea is believed to be more beneficial for the body compared to Black tea.
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Another research shows that drinking green tea considerably lowers bad ‘LDL’ cholesterol and high blood pressure and assists to lower the number of damaging liver enzymes.

There are lots of Green teas available on the market; all vary in their quality, purity and effectiveness. One Green tea you need to try is Tava Tea, it is mixed of three of the most sought after an effective Chinese green teas combined into one; Tava Tea is not only a great weight loss aid but also offers many other benefits to health.

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