The Perfect Cup of Japanese Green Tea!

“People who consume 2 or more cups of Wu Long Tea a day are at a 26% lower risk of heart disease” – CBS
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No Diet PillsA pleasant cup of tea is generally enjoyed and has been for centuries. It is a very refreshing beverage, very good for you and has great calming properties. Green tea, in particular, has lots of additional health benefits. Making a good cup of Green tea is not difficult to do, but there are some things to be considered.

Make sure you are using good clean water; rather use a water purifier to get rid of any impurities. Otherwise you can use bottled water. Good quality water produces great-tasting green tea.

The water temperature is very significant. It is a common mistake to make but if the temperature is too hot, the tea will taste very bitter. The correct temperature does vary between the different green tea leaves but for most it is best to brew the tea around 165-170 degrees F (73-76 C.)

Follow these simple steps to make Tava tea and you can’t go wrong:

  • Pour 600-700ml (3-4 cups) of fresh boiled water into a teapot.
  • Wait until the water is cooled to about 75-80 degrees Celsius.
  • Let the tea steep for 2-3 minutes for the first infusion. The colour of the tea should be warm golden brownish. You’re now ready to drink your tea.
  • Don’t throw away the tea bag, you’ve only used it once, and you have not released all the flavors and healthy anti-oxidants yet! Make sure that the tea bag is not kept in water, as the leafs will continue to release its flavors, which we don’t want until the second steeping.
  • For the second infusion, boil 500-600ml (2-3 cups) of water and pour this into a teapot.
  • Again, wait for the water to be cooled to about 75-80 degrees Celsius.
  • Let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes for the second infusion. The colour will be about the same as the first infusion, maybe a little lighter. This second steeping releases different tea oils and anti-oxidants, leading to a different taste of the tea. You’re now ready for your second tea session.


If you want, you can even make a third and forth pot of tea. Again take 500-600 ml of fresh boiled water and let the tea steep for regarding 6-8 minutes. If you want additional infusions with the same tea bag, feel free to experiment; tea is an alluring product with many different flavours.
When you find the tea to be too watery, boost the steeping time of the infusion or reduce the steeping time for the earlier infusions.

You can also use less water for the individual infusions. Keep in mind that the steeping time per mixture moreover will have to vary. This can be as short as 30-60 seconds when you use 150-200 ml of water (1 cup). Slightly increase the steeping time with 30-60 seconds per infusion. You can let the tea steep for so long as you desire. There are eminent Japanese tea rituals that have 12 steeping rounds, where the 12th round has a 20-25 minute steeping time.

With 30 bags in a months’ supply, good for at least 60 full pots of tea!

Of all the lots of types of Green tea available, for a really excellent cup of natural green tea, the tea of choice should be Tava Tea. It is an exclusive formulation of 3 of the very finest teas Puerh, Sencha and Oolong, there really is no other green tea that rivals it.

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“Thank you for supplying my 1 month supply of Tava Tea. The teas was delivered very promptly and I was extremely surprised at how lovely it was packaged. On starting to use the tea daily, it tasted pleasant and I have lost a stone since using. I will definitely continue using this product and I have recommended it to my family and friends. I also found the instructions were very cleary written and easy to followed. Which was really useful.”
N Hall, London UK

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