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“Polyphenols in Wu Long Tea are believed to increase energy expenditure, increasing fat burning by 35-45%”. ~
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In today’s health and fitness cognisant times, lots of people are devising many ways to stay healthy, stay fit, and most especially on how to lose weight. Diets pills, strict diet plans, severe exercises and workouts, artificial weight loss food supplements are some of the methods or ways.

DON’T WORRY! With Tava Tea you can forget all these methods or ways of losing your weight. Tava Tea can assist you lose those redundant extra pounds while maintaining a healthy body and well-being the natural way.

What is Tava Tea?

Tava Tea is a blend of three equally potent green tea types, the Oolong (Wuyi Cliff) tea, Puerh, and the Sencha. These three varieties of green tea have outstanding wellness properties and are prove to be very effective and efficient for losing weight.

Tava Tea possesses and mixes these special and prevailing tea varieties together with some vital Vitamins and minerals into an exclusive and effective combine of green tea for weight loss. Tava Tea is all natural and organically grown that makes it a proficient weight loss product and very much in demand, as you cannot find this blend anywhere else.

What are the essential ingredients in Tava Tea?

Tava Tea utilizes only the best organically and naturally grown intact Oolong, Puerh, and Sencha tea leaves to pledge you that you get the best high quality tea.

Oolong tea benefits are lots–a Cliff variant is one of the most exquisite and expensive teas of the Wuyi variety, as when it comes to weight loss, it is significantly praised as the most powerful on the market today. Sencha tea is very high in catechins, an effective phytochemical, which have a great latent to fight certain forms of cancer and heart diseases, whereas the Puerh tea variety has proven ability to reduce and fight cholesterol.

Tava Tea is a well balanced combination of these three exceptional varieties of teas, which are extremely regarded to have anti-oxidant and weight loss properties. Aside from weight loss, utilizing Tava Tea can help you greatly improve digestion, reduce blood cholesterol levels, increase stamina and metabolism, improves blood flow and circulation, help prevent heart ailments and cancer, and lots more. With Tava Tea, you can lose your weight efficiently and swiftly without the tiring and fatiguing workout routine and restriction on your diet.

How does Tava Tea Work?

Tava Tea has shown major changes in the insulin production after consuming carbohydrates rich and sweet foods. This means that the decrease in the production of insulin can positively lead to weight loss, as insulin is the one mostly responsible for storing fat in the body. By drinking Tava Tea a few minutes after your intake of fatty and carbs rich foods, your chances of gaining weight will be reduced seriously.

A regular two serving a day of Tava Tea can provide a lot of great benefits such as it helps sustain inner calm and a peaceful state of mind, as the weight loss green tea holds amino acid L-theanine, which help in the balancing of neutron-transmitting chemicals Serotonin and Dopamine that triggers your mood. Other vital benefits of Tava Tea are it burns 2.5 more calories than regular green tea, it assists in anti-aging, it calms the body and mind, and it strengthens immune system.

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Reasons in Buying Tava Tea:
Tava Tea is an outstanding green tea for weight loss that is very strong and the strongest fat reduction product out on the market today, which is why it is considered by fitness and health experts as the best green tea ever produced. Below are additional reasons why you should buy Tava Tea:

  • Its helps burn fat.
  • 100% all natural and organic weight reducing tea.
  • It decreases cholesterol levels.
  • USDA and CERES Certified.
  • Help maintain a healthy body and well-being.
  • 180 day money back guarantee.

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“Found this to be refreshing and seems to work. Love it!
Love the post t-bag, will recommend to my dear friends who suffer from bloating.
Thank you.”

D Crockett, Essex UK